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December 2006 Newsletter

Dr. Matt and Katie wish everyone a Healthy, Happy Holiday and New Year!

Do The Holidays Have You STRESSED???

The holidays are a wonderful time of year! It is a time for us to get together with family and friends and celebrate. Unfortunately, the price we pay for all of this celebration and happiness is STRESS. Every year millions of people fall into the same trap. Overspending, obsessing about what gifts to buy, family gatherings, dealing with the crowds at the store, Grandma*s world famous chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and all the other trappings that go with the holiday season. These are all the things that make us happy to see February!

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Thoughts, Traumas, Toxins, and Blitzen

Chiropractors look at stress from three main causes. Stress can come in the form of Thoughts, Traumas, Toxins, or any combination of the three. Obsessing about getting just the right gifts and the financial burden we put ourselves through are good examples of thoughts which cause us stress. Carrying heavy shopping bags and dealing with the holiday crowds may not be as serious as some other traumas, but all of these little traumas can certainly add up to one big trauma. And who can forget about all the terrific food this time of year? With so much to choose from, we often find ourselves taking some of everything. And with all the other holiday stressors who wants to worry about the refined sugars and saturated fats we are expecting our bodies to handle during this time of year. All of these are things that make the holidays a fun, but stressful time of year. Unfortunately that stress sometimes manifests itself as tight shoulders, sore necks and low backs, and headaches.

What Can You Do To Stay Healthy With All This Stress?

The good news is our bodies are designed to deal with high levels of stress. When your body is working correctly you should get through the holidays with no problems. It is when your body isn*t working at 100% that the stress wears down your immune system and you get sick. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help keep your nervous system and immune system working more efficiently! If you start to feel the effects of stress from the holidays, maybe you should think about having Dr. Matt check out your nervous system. We can also suggest a variety of vitamins and supplements to give your immune system a boost! Be sure to read "Santa's List Of Things To Help Reduce Your Holiday Stress Levels" on the opposite side of this newsletter.

Santa's List of Things You Can Do To Help Reduce Your Holiday Stress Levels

  • Low on cash, and stressed about what to buy everyone? Why not make this a "service" Christmas? Give gifts of service to one another rather than items from the store.
  • Remember what this season is about. It is not how much you buy or how much you get, it's about being with the ones we love.
  • Don't overload on heavy holidays treats. (Dr. Matt is guilty of this one!)
  • Take advantage of online buying. Stores like Amazon and E-bay have made it possible to buy whatever you're looking for without having to stand in those long holiday lines!
  • Don't wait until New Year's to start your resolution! We view the New Year as a chance to start fresh, but why wait until January?
  • Laugh! Research has shown that laughter can reduce the production of stress hormones, increase muscle relaxation, and improve immune system function.
  • Take care of your body by increasing antioxidants, drinking plenty of water, getting at least 8 hours of sleep and getting checked by your chiropractor!

Source: The American Institute of Stress, "Do the Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter Have Scientific Support", November 2005

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