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October 2006 Newsletter

Subluxations can be Scary!

Your brain controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body. The brain sends messages to the body through the nervous system. The nervous system is supported by the spinal column which is made up of 24 bones. The spinal column has 2 purposes: protection of the nerves, and flexibility. Because of these important functions, subluxations are possible.

What is a Subluxation?

A subluxation occurs when spinal bones lose their normal motion and position. In many cases when this happens, the bone or tissues surrounding the bones, put pressure on or irritate the nerves. In some people, subluxations can cause neck and low back pain because of the nerve being pinched. However, often times subluxations go unnoticed--they are painless or "silent." If a subluxation goes uncorrected for too long, health problems may occur.

What Can Result from a Subluxation?

A number of health problems can result from a spinal subluxation. Acute problems can include: disturbed sleep, headaches, loss of energy, neck and low back pain, sinus problems, digestive problems, and menstrual problems. If an acute problem goes uncorrected, more serious conditions such as disc degeneration, nerve damage, and arthritis could occur. Ask Dr. Matt for more details about the long-term results of a subluxation.

Why do I get Subluxations?

A prominent forefather in Chiropractic history, BJ Palmer was famous for stating Thoughts (stress, unhappiness), Toxins (smoking, poor nutrition) and Traumas (car accident, fall) as causes of subluxations. "Good health" is achieved through a combination of chiropractic, proper nutrition, exercise, and happiness. Without one of these factors, your health can be compromised. In today's fast paced society, what are some ways to have better health? First, take some time throughout the day to RELAX! Enjoy 10 minutes of quiet time at lunch, or take a walk after work. Worrying has never solved anything! Secondly, be aware of what you are feeding your body! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and make wise choices about processed foods, smoking and alcohol consumption. Thirdly, see Dr. Matt for periodic check-ups! Taking good care of yourself will chase those "scary" subluxations away!

Did you Know?

What's that "cracking" noise while I'm getting adjusted?

Each joint contains fluid to help keep the joint healthy and lubricated. This "synovial fluid" contains gas (like carbonation in soft drinks). When an adjustment is made you may hear a noise, similar to a "crack". This noise is a release of gas in the joint, much like when you open a can of soda!

Source: Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine, Volume 3, issue 9, What's that cracking noise?

Are you on Relief, Correction, or Wellness Care?

There are 3 Phases of Chiropractic Care: Relief, Correction, and Wellness.

1. The Relief Phase's goal is to reduce or eliminate pain. The number of visits necessary to accomplish this will depend on your age, spinal condition, length of time you've had your condition, and lifestyle choices. This phase is the quickest of all the phases.

2. The Correction Phase's goal is to restore the body to maximum function. In most conditions, pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to leave. Adaptations that have taken place in muscles and other soft tissues (such as the disc and ligaments) require care beyond the relief phase to correct. This phase takes a minimum of 6 weeks.

3. The Wellness Phase's goal is to prevent relapses of previous conditions and to address new conditions before symptoms appear.

What Phase of Care Are You On?

Source: Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine, Volume 3 Issue 9, Relief, Correction & Wellness

Kid's Corner: Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating!

  • Don't eat anything that isn't wrapped--Its best to let your parents decide what is safe to eat!
  • Always go out with a group of people.
  • Map out a plan of the neighborhoods you plan to visit and leave it with an adult.
  • Stay in well-lit neighborhoods.
  • Walk on side-walks instead of in the street.
  • Wear something reflective so that cars can see you.
  • Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!
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