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Dr. Spagetti

Dr. Matt uses a Zenith 460 Hy-lo table. The hydraulic drop pieces help Dr. Matt deliver a faster, more effective adjustment. This table is also unique in the fact that it lowers and lifts the patient back to a standing position--this especially is beneficial to people with lower back pain who cannot climb down onto the table.

Our Exam/Therapy room is equipped to help Dr. Matt perform thorough chiropractic examinations. This is also where patients receive Ultrasound or Electro-Stim therapies to help relieve muscle spasms and reduce inflammation.

Most of the adjustments patients receive take place while the patient is lying in their stomach. This gives Dr. Matt the best access to the bones in the spine, and is also very comfortable for the patient.

Checking reflexes is just part of the complete chiropractic exam every patient receives at the beginning of care. A computerized spinal exam is also performed on each patient. The exam helps Dr. Matt get to the root of the problem.

Sometimes after Dr. Matt finishes the chiropractic exam, he decides that pictures of the spine or X-rays are needed. The x-rays taken today are completely safe, but in an effort to keep x-ray exposure and patient costs low Dr. Matt will take as few pictures as possible.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help our patients. Our office manager, Katie, handles all insurance questions or concerns. Every member of our office is there to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction.

Dr. Matt is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your specific care or chiropractic in general.

Dr. Matt
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